to our new

exhibition  fair!

The pedigree dogs’ village

After the bracing success of our Parisian Exhibitions  Animal Expo et Salon Chiens Chats,

we have decided to create for you Paris Animal Show, our new pet exhibition fair!

An event that will put under the spotlight more than  3 000 pets on 5 000 square meters!

In the heart of Paris, you will assist for the first time to

the biggest feline exhibition in Europe and admire beautiful cats!

The Feline Exposition is organized by the FFF, l’AFPL, the Catimini Club and the TICA


Click on one of the logos


Click on one of the logos

Our traditional  Dogs’ breed village represented by our loyal breeders right at the

entrance of the exhibition that will propose LOF puppies with pedigree. The breeders will be able to guide you with their advice and recommendations.

Discover Fish World. You will admire the following sections:

the Koi carp section, the aquatic section and the aquascaping section



All the questions you could be asking about the exhibition:

Can I buy a puppy or a kitten?

Yes, you can buy them directly to the breeders of the dogs’ breed village and the Feline exhibition. Then you will receive an “exit form” that you will give at the exit of the fair (see our pages Dogs’ Village and Feline exhibition).


Can I come with my dog?

No, for safety and hygiene reasons it is strictly forbidden to come to the exhibition with your dog.

Take the measure of your dog before coming if you wish to buy him clothes!


Will it be possible to eat there?

Yes, you could eat on the fair at LINA’S.


Will it be possible to park there?

Yes , you can go to the Parking Porte de Versailles at the entrance.






You would like to reconstituate a biotope at your house? you like exoticism

and the sauvage world of the reptiles! Welcome into the Reptiles' Village

where you will admire numerous and original species.