Koi  & Aqua Section

             Come and discover the colored Koi carp world, also called “ Nishikigoï ” at Land of the Rising Sun with exceptional exhibition of 40 species, rigorously selected by most famous Japanese breeders.

 Come and see also following sceneries as “urban pond”, “koi carp tank”, “plants pond”, “nano-ponds”

They will be there during all weekend:

- Most famous Hobbyist clubs : “France Carpe Koi Club” and “Côté Bassin”

- The well-known website for trading & discussion “Forum Bassin” with its 30.000 visitors a month

- Well known French retail stores : “A flore d’eau”, “Ambiance Bassin” and “l’Oasis”

- Famous brands as Aquadistri, Colombo, Aquatic Science, Oase, Aquanet, Amblard, Red Sea...

- “Couleurs de Nigata” group, independent label insuring high ethics conduct for Koi sale

Come and attend following conference themes on the week end: “Koi Carp Pond Creation”, “Autumn Selection  in Niigata”

 A passionate, interactive & educational world that will surprise you!


Aquatic Section

Alain Duday,  specialist of corals and rare fish species will present also Aquascaping techniques, to professionals and hobbyists - Great program to see!


Aquascaping Section

Emmanuel BULTEL with Dennerle will animate this area. Aquarium plants, accessories and decoration will be presented to the public.

Welcome to Fish World !

Here you can admire following sections: